J'aime le croissant!

  I recently spent 2 weeks in France on a school trip which was amazing. I spent a week in Montpellier at a language school, then we took the train up to Paris. It was absolutely freezing for spring, a lot different from the 30°C in Melbourne. But still it was brilliant  We went to all the typical touristy places, managing to spend only enough time at the Louvre to visit the Mona Lisa and take selfies with it then head to the gift shop on the way out. 

This shop was made for me. Besides the fact they sell menswear.

The best bits though were when we would be given a couple hours just to explore around the city. On one of the day we were given basically a whole day to wonder round and a group of us went to the Champs Elysées but by lunchtime we couldn't find any bathrooms so decided to return back to the hotel only to spend 4 hours eating baguette and cheese while watching Crocodile Dundee  dubbed in French.  My favourite place was the Shakespeare and Company book shop. It was heaven. From the cool English writer guys hanging out front to the moment I walked in and heard She & Him playing I couldn't believe how such a cool place could exist.  Then I was really depressed on the metro ride home thinking about going back home and having to wait till I've finished school to go and visit again. 

Now I just can't wait to go back!
Tourist Much?

At the end of the trip I got the flu so spent the next couple of days since returning in bed sick and jet lagged. Coming home though I had the best plane flights, we had a 12 flight from Paris to Bangkok on one of those airbuses so the flight was going to be pretty good anyway, but the flight was basically empty so we all got our own row each. I loved having so much space and being cramped up for the whole flight. The flight attendants thought we were funny as we all thought it was the best thing ever! Then on the connecting flight it was only two of us in our row so it was still good. But I was so annoyed as I had postponed watching perks of being a wallflower and Paranorman till the last flight home only to find my TV keep glitching and so did the spare one next to me so I just slept and listening to music for 8 hours instead. I can't believe I still haven't seen Perks yet!
I read the book ages ago, and everyone else around me has seen it like fifty times, AHHH! 
I didn't do much shopping on the trip but I bought some cool things especially some arty postcards and an awesome Josephine Baker poster so might post some pics of my newly decorated room of them. I also bought this massive and heavy Audrey Hepburn book that weighed about 3 kg, only to find when I returned that my mum had basically gotten me the same book but in a Life magazine form. Oh well! the big book looks more impressive I guess.