Belle of the Ball

As I had a week of holidays when I got back I did a lot of thrift shopping and came out with some amazing gems. The best find was this 50's or 60's gold brocade gown that fit me like a glove. I was so surprised to even find it as I've never seen anything like it before in a thrift shop but the fact it fitted perfectly even length, as I'm really short was amazing. It has really cool boning in it and a bit of tulle round the hips to make it shape nicely, which feels a bit weird at first but you get use to it. Oh and I forget to mention the best bit. It was $20!!!!!
 Now I only have to wait till my formal next year till I can wear it and I will need a date, or otherwise I need to quickly marry a prince so I can wear it to a ball.

 I literally feel like Belle in it.
You can kind of see the fabric better, it's like lace but with gold thread woven though it.


  1. Wow this is so pretty! It looks very Ellie Saab S/S! You are so lucky to find something like this is a thrift shop, all I can find is beige tartan and smelly things :s xx

  2. you my dear, are extremely inspiring and quite beautiful<3


  3. you are so wonderful :)